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I've started this project where I periodically recommend various albums for you guys to buy. With the addition of the new user pages, an archive of all will go there.

I'll start this off with an album that, when released, was instantly a classic among indie and baroque circles. I'm talking about Andrew Bird's 2005 hit, The Mysterious Production of Eggs.

It's one of my personal favourites, and recieved overwhelmingly favourable reviews from
Pitchfork and
All Music Guide.

Untitled kicks the album off with an intense, layered violin track. Andrew shows off his talents as a whistling virtuoso, supplementing his melodic violin glides with his high whistle tones. Sovay, an excellent acoustic ballad starts the album off. The album has many high points, including the epic A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, which begins as an acoustic verse and then stems into a crisp whistling melody over violin plucks and guitar chords (all performed by Andrew Bird). Another of the albums many peaks is Fake Palindromes, one of the more "poppy" tracks on the album. One of the longer tracks of the album, The Naming of Things, shows that Andrew Bird can compose 3 minute melodic songs, as well as dignified epics.

This album is a little tough to find, but indie record stores, as well as high-end chains (such as HMV) carry it. The smaller chains such as CD Plus usually have it available to order.

Bird's masterpiece is timeless, perfect for any occasion and can always be found in the cd player of my car.

Overall: 9/10

BSM's Album Recommendations: Andrew Bird's The Mysterious Production of Eggs